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Global Trends and Developments of Food Additives Market
Date:2017-1-23  Hits:4911  From:顶点医药化工集团
The global market for the traditional food additives sectors is estimated to be worth USD22bn a year. In light of continuing developments in the international additives sector, we have recently published the third edition of our analysis of this market. 'The Food Additives Market – Global Trends and Developments' identifies the major market forces influencing the international additives market, and presents a detailed analysis of trends in the market for 13 different categories of additive. In addition to information on applications, market sizes and trends, and the leading companies in the industry, the report also looks at finished food trends impacting on additives and assesses future prospects for the market.

In the modern world, food manufacturers are under constant pressure to innovate in order to keep up with consumer interests and demands. Not only do consumers want convenient foodstuffs with a long shelf-life, but they are also seeking more sophisticated foods, often with exotic or ethnic flavours, plus foods that contain natural and organic ingredients, foods that can assist in weight control and foods that can benefit their health in other ways.

These trends are impacting at all levels of the food market and the additives sector is no exception, with the manufacturing sector passing on some of the responsibility to satisfy these demands to their suppliers. As a result, certain sectors of the additives market are seeing growth in natural products at the expense of synthetics, there is rising demand for fat replacers and sweeteners in the weight control market, functional food ingredients are booming, and, in other areas, tailored solutions aimed at specific applications are appearing to make product formulation more straightforward for the processors.

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