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The spring tour
Date:2017-6-11  Hits:4380  From:顶点医药化工集团



The spring, to make everyone nervous spare time relaxing in the mood to create a harmonious and progressive team atmosphere, the company organized a spring outing carefully arranged .
On the day, fair-weather, Wai Fung Cheong, we follow the company's shuttle arrived early this line first destination - Sin EHU, where mountains and rivers, beaches aspect, scenic, everyone in small groups, tour lakeside walk, feeling the warm sun, warm spring breeze, listening to a variety of birds humming and chirping, as if with a blend of nature, really nice!
After a while the rest, the company drove gold Gap, friendly, rustic small farm house, potentially narrowing the distance between employees, past work we put down stiff, as the family sat around the table like a nice chat, feel warm.

The spring outing strengthen communication between employees, enriching the cultural life of employees, inspire staff enthusiasm, established the concept of harmonious teamwork and mutual assistance, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity.



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