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Ligusticum wallichii oil
Product Name Ligusticum wallichii oil
Company Catalog TOP-BE0014
CAS No. 8015-64-3
Specifications 90%-99%
Packaging 25kgs/drum
Product Description

Ligusticum Wallichii oil is a kind of natural herb. It has been used in TCM for a variety of haematological disorders. In treating kidney disease, it has the following curative effects.

Improve blood circulation

Ligusticum wallichii can invigorate blood circulation and promote the flow of qi. In this way, more blood and nutrients will be supplied to impaired kidney tissues and cells, thus delaying renal function decline.

Lower creatinine level

Ligusticum wallichii and its active component sodium ferulate can improve a patient’s clinical condition and lower blood levels of creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen.

Reduce proteinuria

Proteinuria can be seen in many causes of kidney disease. The Kidney Disease patients treated with ligusticum wallichii show significant lower levels of 24 hour urinary protein excretion compared to those treated with prednisone alone.

Improve renal function

Ligusticum wallichii can correct the blood endothelial system disorder to improve renal functional deterioration.

While ligusticum wallichii has so many curative effects in treating kidney disease, it should never be used blindly. In treating a disease or disorder, different formulas of Chinese medicines will be made based on the individualized illness condition. The herbal formulas used in TCM consist of four categories of herbs: ministerial, deputy, assistant, and envoy. If the formulas do not follow compatibility of medicines, it will bring many adverse effects.

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