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Product Name Salinomycin
Company Catalog TOP-VT0003
CAS No. 53003-10-4
Specifications USP EP BP CE JP
Packaging 25kg/barrel or 25kg/bag
Product Description


Active Ingredient:

This product is the sodium salt of salinomycin. According to dry goods,1mg of this product has not less than 850 Salinomycin units.



Brown or light brown powder. Has slight odor. Insoluble in water



Salinomycin Sodium has a high affinity on the cations,especially on the Na,K,Rb,so that cations outflow from the cells selectively,resulting in the of cations concentration.



- Salinomycin Sodium is an anti coccidiosis antibiotic chemical medicine.Have a preventive effect on folw Coccidiosis.

- Salinomycin can change the content of volatile fatty acid in the substance in large intestine and kidney, so it also has the function of promoting the growth of chickens gaining weight.

- Salinomycin can improve the utility of crude protein, crude fatty acid, crude cellulose in feedstuff, so it can improve the conversion ratio of feedstuff.



- Don't feed to laying chickens,adult turkeys and horses.

- Don't use in feeds containing Tiamulin, oleandomycin and other anticoccidials.

- Forbid to feed animal directly.

- Use protecting cloths, rubber gloves and anti-dust mask when handling and mixing the product.


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