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Non-invasive Drilling Fluid Agent HY-3000
Product Name Non-invasive Drilling Fluid Agent HY-3000
Company Catalog Oilfield Chemical
CAS No. Non-invasive Drilling Fluid Treating Agent
Specifications GB2012, Technical Grade
Packaging 25KGS/Craft Bag,1000KGS/Big Bag
Product Description

Non-invasive Drilling Fluid Agent HY-3000

The Non-invasive Drilling Fluid Treating Agent HY-3000 is produced by fine processing with vegetable fibre, part and whole water soluble organic polymer and water insoluble metallic oxide. The principle of the product is that to seal progressively and form seal-off membrane under the effects of physical and surface chemistry, stabilize the sidewall by decreasing the dynamic filtration. It is compatible to various water-base drilling fluids and oil-base drilling fluids. It is better to protect the oil-gas layer than other treating agents. And it is atoxic, no pollution so that especially suit for offshore drilling. It has such efficacies as follows:

 1. Low solid content, 3% below(bentonite)
 2. Will not be effected by the formation pollutant

 3. Borehole stabilizing, high inhibition 

 4. High recovery value of permeability

 5. High temperature resistance (150℃)
 6. Compatible to fresh water, sea water, salt water and formate system, etc.
 7. Dosage: 1~1.5% for the ordinary well; according to the requisition for the special well.

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