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Glucosamine hydrochloride(Glucosamine HCI, USP)
Product Name Glucosamine hydrochloride(Glucosamine HCI, USP)
Company Catalog TPAC1346
CAS No. 66-84-2
Specifications EP 8.4, JP, USP 37, BP 2013
Packaging 250kgs/Drum
Product Description

Glucosamine (C6H13NO5) is an amino sugar and a prominent precursor 
in the biochemical synthesis of glycosylated proteins and lipids. 
Glucosamine is part of the structure of the polysaccharides chitosan 
and chitin, which compose the exoskeletons of crustaceans and other 
arthropods, as well as the cell walls of fungi and many higher organisms. 
Glucosamine is one of the most abundant monosaccharides.It is produced 
commercially by the hydrolysis of crustacean exoskeletons or, less 
commonly, by fermentation of a grain such as corn or wheat.
Glucosamine appears to be safe for use as a dietary supplement; 
effectiveness has not been established for any condition. 
In the US it is one of the most common non-vitamin, non-mineral, dietary supplements 
used by adults
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