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Cefoperazone Sodium+Sulbactam Sodium(1:1/2:1)
Product Name Cefoperazone Sodium+Sulbactam Sodium(1:1/2:1)
Company Catalog Antibiotics&Anti-infection
CAS No. 62893-20-3+69388-84-7
Specifications EP 8.4, JP, USP 37, BP 2013;
Packaging 5KGS/Tin&5Tins/Carton
Product Description

Cefoperazone Sodium+Sulbactam Sodium

Product Information
Cefoperazone Sodium+Sulbactam Sodium
Antibiotic, Anti-infective
Active Ingredients
Sulbactam Sodium, Cefoperazone Sodium
It is a cephalosporin antibiotic, prescribed for susceptible infections such as respiratory tract infection, infections of the skin and skin structures, urinary tract infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and other infections. It works by fighting against the bacteria in the body.
Cefoperazone is the third generation cephalosporin antibacterial component of Cefoperazone Sodium and  Sulbactam Sodium, which acts against sensitive organisms during the stage of active multiplication by inhibiting the biosynthesis of cell wall mucopeptide. 
Sulbactam does not possess any useful antibacterial activity, except against Neisseriaceae and Acinetobacter.
Cefoperazone Sodium + Sulbactam Sodium Injection is indicated for the treatment of respiratory tract infections (upper and lower), urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, and bone and joint infections caused by susceptible organisms. 
It is also used to treat meningitis; peritonitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, and other intra-abdominal infections; and pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, gonorrhoea, and other infections of the genital tract.

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