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Aluminium Chloride
Product Name Aluminium Chloride
Company Catalog Industrial/Fine Chemicals
CAS No. 7446-70-0
Specifications Industrial Grade,Technical Grade
Packaging 25KGS/BAG
Product Description

APPEARANCE white to gray powder
ASSAY 99.3% min
Fe 100ppm max
FREE Al 100ppm max
PACKING 275 kg in drum, 1mts in bag
HAZARD CLASS 8 (Packing group:II)
UN NO. 1726

Aluminium Chloride

Aluminium Chloride is Used as a catalyst in the process of Friedel Crafts. (It has an electron deficient molecule forming only 3 bonds, and has no lone pairs. The catalyst acts as an electron acceptor for a lone pair on the halide atom). It is widely used in the manufacturing of petrochemicals such as alkylbenzene, ethylbenzene, alkyl aryl ketone, ethyl chloride. It is also used in the manufacturing pharmaceuticals, dyes intermediates and other organics chemicals such as anthraquinone, phthalocyanines, acetophenone, butyl rubber, phenylethyl alcohols. It is used as a nucleu inhibitor in the production of titanium dioxide. Aluminum Chloride is also used in the production of aluminum, in the metallurgical industry and as a flux in aluminum smelting; in the production of rubber; lubricants and wood preservatives, and in cosmetics as an astringent; active ingredient in antiperspirants.

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