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Product Name Sorbitol
Company Catalog Food Additives
CAS No. 50-70-4
Specifications USP/BP
Packaging 25kg/bag
Product Description

Sorbitol is a hexyl alcohol, Lt; 0 & gt; C. 70% liquid sorbitol (sorbitol liquid), was viscous transparent liquid, optical activity, slightly sweet, with hygroscopicity; crystalline sorbitol is white hygroscopic crystalline powder or particles, the relative density of about 1.49, easy Dissolved in water (1g dissolved in about 0.45mL water), slightly soluble in ethanol. 1 gram of sorbitol in the human body produces 12.56KJ heat. Sorbitol is a non-volatile hexavalent alcohol, chemical stability, air oxidation is not easy, soluble in water, not easy to be a variety of microbial fermentation, heat resistance, high temperature (200 ℃) is not decomposed, Yamanashi Alcohol has a cool sweet, sweetness of 65% of sucrose, calorific value is very low. Sorbitol has good hygroscopicity, and has a very wide range of functions in food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sorbitol is used in food to prevent food from drying and aging, prolong shelf life of the product, and effectively prevent food Sugar and other crystal precipitation, can maintain the sweet, sour, bitterness of the balance of strength and increase food flavor.Sorbitol used as a toothpaste, cosmetics, tobacco humidifier, is a substitute for glycerol, glycerol to ease moisture, taste better. Sorbitol can be used in combination with other moisturizers to achieve synergistic results. Sorbitol in the toothpaste as an excipient, moisturizing agent, antifreeze, adding up to 25 ~ 30%, can maintain the paste lubrication, color, taste good; sorbitol in cosmetics as anti-dry agent (instead of glycerol) Can enhance the stretchability and lubricity of emulsifier, suitable for long-term storage; sorbitan fatty acid ester and its ethylene oxide adduct has the advantage of small skin irritation, widely used in the cosmetics industry. Sorbitol in food can prevent food from cracking, so that food to keep fresh and soft. The use of sorbitol in bread cake, a significant effect. Sorbitol sweetness is lower than sucrose, and is not used by certain bacteria, is the production of sugar-free candy and a variety of anti-caries important raw material for food. As sorbitol metabolism does not cause blood sugar, can also be used as a diabetic food sweeteners and nutrients. Sorbitol does not contain aldehydes, is not easily oxidized, sorbitol and amino acids in the heating produce Maillard reaction. Sorbitol has a certain physiological activity, to prevent carotenoids and edible fats and protein denaturation, in the concentration of milk by adding sorbitol can extend the shelf life, can also improve the color of the small intestine flavor, sorbitol fish sauce on the obvious stability and Long-term preservation of the role. Sorbitol also has the same effect in jam preserves. Sorbitol is a kind of special sweetener with moisturizing function. It can be used in pastry, the maximum dosage is 5.0g / kg. In sulm, it can be used as a sweetener, emulsifier, wetting agent, chelating agent and stabilizer. And its products in the maximum use of 0.5g / kg. Sorbitol can be used as a fish fillet, squid, fish and other aquaculture water treatment agent. Ratio of sucrose 2.1% + sorbitol 3.15% + composite phosphate 1.00%, can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish, increase Ca-ATPase activity. Sorbitol can also be used as defoamer, for sugar, brewing technology and soy products, according to the production needs of appropriate use. Sorbitol can also be used for candy, chewing gum, raisins moisturizing, alcoholic, soft drinks thickening, fragrance.Sorbitol can be used as raw material for the production of vitamin C. Sorbitol can also be used as raw material for syrup, infusion, pharmaceutical tablet, sorbitol as drug dispersant, filler, cryoprotectant, anti-crystallization agent, stabilizer, Capsules, plasticizers, sweeteners, ointment bases, and the like. Sorbitol through the nitration of sorbitol ester is the treatment of coronary heart disease drugs. Sorbitol as a diuretic dehydrating agent for the treatment of cerebral edema and intracranial hypertension, the treatment of glaucoma increased intraocular pressure, sorbitol is also used for heart and kidney function of normal edema, oliguria. Sorbitol Rosin is often the raw material for architectural coatings, sorbitol can be used as plasticizers, lubricants used in PVC resin and other polymers. In alkaline solution with iron, copper, aluminum ion complex, sorbitol used in the textile industry, bleaching and washing; can also be used in the production of sugar alcohol calcium, sugar alcohol zinc and other foliar fertilizer. Sorbitol and propylene oxide as raw materials, can produce a certain flame-retardant properties of polyurethane rigid foam.

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