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Product Name Mannitol
Company Catalog Food Additives
CAS No. 69-65-8
Specifications USP/BP
Packaging 25kg/bag
Product Description

Mannitol is a hexanol, mannitol, also known as mannitol, D-mannitol, white needle-like crystalline powder, odorless, sweet, molecular formula: C6H14O6, molecular weight: 182.17, CAS No.:69-65-8. Melting point of 166-170  ℃, the boiling point of 290-295 ℃ (at 0.4-0.467 kPa), optical rotation +23 ~ +24, soluble in water , Slightly soluble in methanol, ethanol, insoluble in ether. Mannitol can be used as a dehydrating agent and osmotic diuretic, can also be made into injections, used to reduce intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, diuretic and prevention of early acute renal insufficiency and other symptoms. In recent years, its compound with amino acids and other compounds made into the amount of infusion has increased. Mannitol can also be used as tablets of excipients for anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, antihistamines, vitamins, sobering agents, mouth coolants and other tablets. Mannitol can be directly used not only medicinal, but also as a synthesis of many chemical raw materials, which are typical mannitol nitrogen mustard, mannitol dicarboxylic acid, dill mannitol, niacin mannitol, mannitol hexanitrate, L-carnitine, mannitol-propylene oxide ether and hard glycerin. In the food industry, mannitol can be used as low-calorie food and low-sugar food sweeteners, because of its sugar sugar in the smallest water absorption, and has a refreshing sweetness, can be used as chewing gum, cakes and other food anti-adhesive. In the fine chemicals, mannitol can be used in the manufacture of high temperature foam for insulation and fire. In addition, mannitol is also used in electrolytic capacitors, primers (nitro mannitol) and so on. Mannitol as a corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier is widely used in agriculture, textile and other fields, mannitol is a good medium for certain microorganisms.

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