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Product Name Trehalose
Company Catalog Food Additives
CAS No. 99-20-7
Specifications USP/BP
Packaging 25kg/bag
Product Description

Trehalose is a white crystalline powder, is a non-reducing disaccharide, is the most natural acid disaccharide sugar heat resistance and non-browning. Sweetness of 45% of sucrose, mild and refreshing. Melting point is 97 ℃, the glass transition temperature is 94 ℃, the heat of fusion is 57.8kJ / mol, the melting point is 97 ℃, the melting temperature is 94 ℃, the melting temperature is 57 ℃, In RH95% the following non-hygroscopicity, digestion and absorption in the small intestine, can be used as a source of nutrition, the calorific value of 16.8kJ / g. Soluble in water, hot ethanol, insoluble in ether, solubility in water with temperature changes significantly at 10 ℃ is much smaller than sucrose, 80 ℃ is much larger than sucrose. Scientists have found that the desert plant leaf leaves in the drought almost dead, but after the water can be miraculously resurrected; alpine plant resurrection of grass can be resistant to ice and cold; some insects in the cold, high temperature and dry conditions such as water loss Freeze, do not die, that is, their body's trehalose to create a miracle of life. Trehalose is therefore known in the scientific world as the "sugar of life". International authority of the "Nature" magazine published in July 2000 on the trehalose evaluation of the special article, the article pointed out: "For many organisms, trehalose with and without, means life or death.Trehalose has a magical protective effect on organisms, because trehalose in high temperature, cold, high osmotic pressure and dry water loss and other harsh environmental conditions in the cell surface can form a unique protective film, effectively protect the protein molecular invariance loss Live, so as to maintain the life of the life process and biological characteristics. Many of the harsh environment of the outside world to show extraordinary resistance to stress tolerance of the species, with their body there is a lot of trehalose is directly related. In nature, such as sucrose, glucose and other sugars, do not have this function. This unique functional property allows trehalose to act as a protective agent for protein drugs, enzymes, vaccines and other biological products, as well as to maintain cell viability and moisturizing cosmetics. It can also be used as an ingredient to prevent food degradation, Food fresh flavor, improve food quality of the unique food ingredients, greatly expanding the trehalose as a natural edible sweet sugar function.The use of trehalose in cosmetics is based on its excellent ability to maintain cell viability and biological macromolecule activity. Skin cells, especially epidermal cells in the high temperature, cold, dry, strong ultraviolet radiation and other environments, easily lose water keratinization, and even loss of skin damage caused by death. Trehalose in this case to the surface of the cell layer to form a special protective film, deposited on the membrane from the mucus not only moisturize the skin cells, but also has the function of external heat radiation. Thus protecting the skin from damage.Trehalose is a natural carbohydrate, present in many desert plants, in the dry plant to form a layer of glass-like matrix, to protect its internal structure, until the rain came, the plant can miraculously "death" and resurrection . A lot of research and practice shows that trehalose can effectively protect the epidermal cell membrane structure, activation of cells, conditioning the skin, make the skin healthy and natural, flexible. Epidermal cells in the high temperature, cold, dry, strong ultraviolet radiation and other environments, easily lose moisture and skin damage, trehalose in this case to form a layer of cell surface protective film to maintain the original skin nutrition And moisture, to prevent skin sunburn and melanin precipitation, effectively resist the phenomenon of skin aging; from the membrane on the mucus can be gently moisturize the skin, the skin bright, shiny, soft.Trehalose function and food purposes: the use of trehalose low sweetness, anti-caries and low calorie, Hua Tian sugar alcohol trehalose can be used for candy, nougat, chewing gum, chocolate, diabetes and obese patients Food, etc .; the use of trehalose Jiaoxiang flavor properties, Hua Tian sugar alcohol trehalose can be used for coffee, beer, grape juice, black tea, soy sauce, brewing vinegar, lemon juice, frozen fish, crab cake, Kelp, milk, rice and sake, etc .; the use of Huatian sugar alcohol trehalose thermal stability for porridge, chocolate, soy sauce, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and non-fried convenience foods; Starch, aging, for cake rice dumplings, rice balls and noodles, etc .; the use of Hua Tian sugar alcohol trehalose anti-protein denaturation for fish products, meat products, egg products, dairy products, dough and seasonings; Day sugar sugar trehalose low moisture absorption, for powder seasoning, crab legs and kelp processed products, dried jelly, crispy rice, snacks, nutritious sugar and health food; use of trehalose low color, for no Oil cake, cookies, ham, sports drinks, vegetable drinks and lactic acid drinks, etc .; use of Huatian sugar alcohol trehalose freshness and freezing tolerance for rice cakes, tofu, sauces, meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, frozen food , Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. The use of Huatian sugar alcohol trehalose natural protection of stability, as enzymes, proteins, vaccines, bacteria and other biological drugs and biological agents of the protective stabilizer.

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