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Product Name Sec-butylamine
Company Catalog
CAS No. 13952-84-6
Specifications 99.5%
Packaging 145kg/drum
Product Description



CAS: 13952-84-6

Product Details :

Colorless liquid with ammonia smell. volatile. Soluble in water and ethanol. Can reduce the skin pores of fruits and vegetables by about 1/2, thereby reducing water evaporation and inhibiting respiration.

Product index: 99.5%


1. It is mainly used as an organic raw material for the synthesis of drugs, dyes and pesticides, leroymine herbicides, etc. 

2. As an anti-staling agent, our country can be used for the preservation of fresh fruit, and it can be used in an appropriate amount according to production needs. The residual amounts of litchi, orange, and apple (fruit pulp) were 0.009 g/kg, 0.005 g/kg, and 0.001 g/kg, respectively.

3, used as an organic synthesis intermediates, chemical reagents, antifungal agents.

Packing: net weight 145 kg/drum

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