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Product Name Surfactin
Company Catalog
CAS No. 24730-31-2
Specifications 70%80%
Packaging 500g/bottle
Product Description

Biosurfactant Introduction

The high-producing strain of Surfactin (Savittine) produces 1022DA cycloaliphatic peptide anionic surfactant (C52H91N7O13), CAS No. 24730-31-2, which has been listed by the Ministry of Health. Cosmetics Raw Materials Chinese Standard Name Catalog (2010 Edition No. 13776).
Surfactin has a high surface activity and an HLB value of 16.3. It is an O/W type emulsifier with excellent properties. It can also be used as a solubilizer and it has good foaming properties. It also has good dispersion and thermal stability. Sex. Surfactin is produced by bio-fermentation method. It is non-toxic and harmless, has good compatibility with skin, and has high safety. It provides a better choice for sensitive people and infant products, and is also the first choice for all kinds of advanced cosmetics. Matrix raw materials. In particular, Surfactin is a pure natural green product with extremely low irritation and good biodegradability. It can decompose under the action of phospholipids on the human skin to provide essential amino acids for the human body, which will make the skin healthy and moist.
Surfactin can be used as emulsifiers, solubilizers, cleaners, etc. in all types of high-end cosmetic products. It has unparalleled advantages of other products; in addition, Surfactin can also be widely used. Medicine, agriculture, textile industry, oil exploration, environmental protection and other fields.
Application area:
Pharmaceutical Grade
Food grade
Cosmetic grade
Agricultural grade

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