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enough stock now Cosmetic grade carbomer/carbopol 940 Gel stock solution
Product Name enough stock now Cosmetic grade carbomer/carbopol 940 Gel stock solution
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Packaging 52kg
Product Description

Product Name: Carbomer cosmetic grade   Gel stock solution 


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Gel stock solution product description


product name:


Gel stock solution (carbomer/carbopol stock solution)


INCI name :


Acrylic acid (ester) copolymer( ACRYLATES COPOLYMER  )




Gel stock solution is an excellent gel stabilizer. It is an acrylic (ester) copolymer with slightly anionic cross-linking and alkali-swelling emulsion. It plays the role of suspension, thickening and emulsification in

  personal care products. The gel stock solution is a water-soluble emulsion with low viscosity and convenient use.


After ionizing the carboxyl group in the formula, due to the mutual repulsion of negative charges, the molecular


chain is spread and stretched, and it is in a greatly expanded state, and it is sticky. It can produce high-efficiency


thickening effect at very low dosage. The gel stock solution can make the liquid system have a special yield value


and rheology. Only a very low concentration can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets, etc.) reach


permanent suspension. Due to its strong suspending ability, it is widely used to stabilize traditional oil / water


emulsions and creams, oil droplet particles and water-insoluble matter in suspension solutions; it can provide a


beautiful appearance for personal washing formulas, and is transparent in formula It has excellent transparency in


pearlescent products to enhance its bright pearlescent effect.





Parameter index




Pasty paste (semi-liquid)

Solid content(%)


Emulsion pH(25℃)


Viscosity:(20rpm,25oC, Neutralized solution,mPa.s) 10% Solution


Viscosity:(20rpm,25oC, Neutralized solution,mPa.s) 30% Solution


Solution transmittance(420nm,%),20% Aqueous solution


Solution transmittance(420nm,%),20% Aqueous solution


Wetting time(0.5% Aqueous solution,25℃,min)


Residual acrylic acid(%)


Residual benzene(%)



Other than this data index can be formulated, if there is a specific index demand, you can contact our company to

customize different specifications.




Non-associative rheology modifier.


In the shampoo system, ZPT, powder, silicone oil and other insoluble components can be suspended. It has the functions of stabilization, thickening and emulsification.

  For making transparent products.


Application area


Pearl shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products.


Conditioning products containing high molecular weight, large particle size silicones, such as: conditioning shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, moisturizing shower gel

  Foundation cream, foundation emulsion Sunscreen, lotion

  Thickening formula containing ethanol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, isopropanol, glycerin Hair dye

  Recommended dosage:


10 - 40%


How to use:


1. Use method in the formulation of emulsification system:


Dissolve the gel stock solution in water at room temperature, add other components in the aqueous phase, and heat to 70-80 ° C. The oil phase was mixed in another vessel and heated to the desired temperature. The oil phase is added to the water phase and homogeneously emulsified. Add a neutralizing agent to adjust the pH to neutral and cool to 40 ° C while stirring. Add a preservative.


2. Use method in shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning products:


Add the gel stock solution to water, add surfactant such as AES and stir until completely dissolved, add organic or inorganic alkali to adjust the solution pH to 6.5-7.0, add other components in the formula, stir until uniform, adjust pH and viscosity to Need range.


Packaging and storage:


Packaging: Net weight: 52kg Gross weight: 54.5 kg Height: 62cm


Round diameter: 37cm


Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated place.

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